The HFS SERIES II EOD Helmet is a custom elastomeric moulded sandwich design. The helmet has a built-in high volume ventilation system that also serves to de-mist the visor. Incorporated inside the helmet is an ambient sound protection system which cuts out any sound over a certain decibel level which protects the operator’s ears. The helmet includes an audio communication set up consisting of a built in headphone and microphone. The fan speed and audio/ ambient volume control is located on a controller unit worn on the smock of the EOD/ IEDD suit. The visor is a curved wide angle to optimise the operator’s range of visibility.

Designed to work in conjunction with HFS SERIES II EOD SUIT via the integrated user controlled management system.


•Outer shell – moulded GRP
•Inner – Aramid laminate
•Ballistic Visor – Acrylic Polycarbonate

V50 Ratings

•Helmet 630 m/s
•Visor 690 m/s


•4.5 kg


•Navy Blue, Olive Drab


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