EOD Suits

Maximum EOD Operator Protection

Search Suits

High-level protection & maximum mobility

Demining PPE

Innovative designs & advanced technology


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First-rate EOD Technology Specialists – Holdfast Systems

Manufacturing in both South Africa and the United States of America

At Holdfast Systems we are at the global forefront of blast protection technology in today’s highly volatile Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)/Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) environment.

Our customers can expect hands-on service, innovative designs, expertly developed items and tailor-made products to suit specific conditions or requirements. We actively seek comment and constructive criticism of our products from users, because what we learn from one will benefit all.

EOD Products

EOD Suits Improved blast protection, light designs

Search & Bomb Suits

High-level protection and maximum mobility

Demining PPE

Innovative designs & advanced technology


Revolutionary designs & effective products

Our prime methodology is to work in cooperation with the actual officers, operators and end users.

We engage with the personnel at the frontline of EOD/IEDD, we then combine this invaluable insight with our own stringent research, development and product testing programs.

Using this key data, we determine the best solutions to provide the optimum protection and operator functionality. Therefore, our products are tried, tested and deemed reliable by those whose safety and protection is our primary concern.

Products include, amongst others, Bomb Suits, EOD Suits, Bomb Blankets, Search Suits, Demining PPE, Demining Aprons, Demining Visors, EOD Equipment and EOD Shields.

Please contact us for more details and questions about our protective wear.

We only utilise the highest quality, globally sourced materials and components in our blast protection products.

We do not accept anything but the highest standard when it comes to surviving.