Advanced Base Station 

It is encased in a secure durable aluminium case with its own built in 12v DC battery and charger. It can also be plugged into an external 12v source such as car cigarette lighter socket. Combines builtin Speaker phone or Headset with boom microphone operation. 

Slip-Ring Reel 

Custom built heavy-duty reel with 125 m of shielded cable. It is equipped with a Slip-Ring which allows the operator in the suit to be in constant communication during the deployment and retrieval of the cable. 

  • Slip ring reel for constant communication during deployment and retrieval 
  • Hardwire with 100 m+ cable 
  • Optional digital sound recorder 
  • Wireless communication – certain models of wireless radio can be accommodated 

This Communications System is compatible with the HFS Series III EOD Suit.


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