The all-new HFS SERIES 3+ EOD/IEDD suit has a host of new and formidable features including improved blast protection. It is essentially an upgrade on the HFS Series 3, with the core focus on improving the critical systems while still using the original solid HFS Series 3 platform. We have also addressed the requirements in the NIJ 0117.01 Bomb Suit Standard including the blast and fragmentation required performances.

Suit Components

•Blast Plate
•Spine Protector
•Overshoes and groind protector

Blast Performance Against NIJ 0117

  • Blast Performance Against NIJ 0117 

Fragmentation performance against NIJ 0117

  • .50 Cal FSP VO 800 m/s for blast plates and smock front (exceeds) 
  • .30 Cal FSP V50 result exceeds for all components of the suit 
  • .22 Cal FSP V50 result exceeds for all components of the suit 
  • .22 Cal FSP VO 1800 m/s+ for blast plates and smock front (not part of the NIJ parameters) 

Measured result

  • Over 90% pressure reduction in the head and chest only nominal outer shell damage. All suit components still in place 


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Suit upgrade aspects

  • Improved suit integrity during blast exposure with enhanced over pressure attenuation layers 
  • New front-facing Double Skin Outer Shell, incorporating our own new proprietary design of high tensile strength blast resistant outer with flame retardant core backing 
  • Double locking blast plate mounting system 
  • IP 67 Electronics upgrade 
  • Lithium Ion power source 
  • Incapacitated doffing 
  • Dual grab handle 


Helmet upgrade aspects

  • Advanced helmet liner with combined attenuation layer and ergonomic comfort layer 
  • Quick release helmet buckle
  • NBC mask accommodation 
  • New four-point helmet stabilising retention system 
  • Increased downward and periphery visibility