Designed to offer a safe and cool environment for people who must maintain a high level of efficiency and concentration under extreme heat. The system is ideally suited for people involved in bomb disposal and surveillance operations as well as personnel in non-air-conditioned armoured vehicles. The holdfast cooling system uses ice water to remove body heat produced by strenuous work, especially in hot environments. The suit requires no hazardous pressurised canister or toxic cooling agents. Made from machine washable, fire retardant Nomex or Kermel, The Holdfast Cooling Suit also offers protection against heat and flash fire. Testing of the suit on the effects of over-pressure, fragmentation, ballistics, body impact and heat have shown this suit is suitable for use under bomb suits, chemical suits and many other applications where body heat removal is desirable.

The kit includes a one-piece suit design with cooling on trunk, arms and legs; a close fitting open-faced hood with cooling for head, a cooling unit and pouch, two water bottles, battery pack and carrying bag. Gives wearer extended work time with ability to control excess energy loss due to heat exhaustion.

Worn underneath EOD suit configuration – works with HFS Series II EOD Suit and HFS Series III EOD Suit [link to holdfastsystems.com/protective-body-gear-products/eod-products]


•Heat removal rate: 270 watts (full suit)
•Endurance: 45 minutes at 35 degrees
•Cooling unit:
•Control: on/off
•Pump: 12V
•Cold source: ice cubes and water
•Power: external pack


•Kermel® (heat and flash fire resistant)
•Integrated medical grade silicone tubing


•2.7 kg with pump assembly


•Navy Blue


•Small – 150-175 cm; 40-75 kg
•Medium: 170-185 cm; 70-90 kg
•Large: 175-193 cm; 85-110 kg


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